Saints and Thieves

A Thief 2 FM - Released 27.8.2005

I've never been much in to organised crime. I'm in this trade to profit myself, and the idea of funding some lazy godfather figure pulling the strings in the shadows doesn't really seem all that intriguing, something that my old friend Ramirez had to learn the hard way. But, as they say, there's no honor among thieves...

Medium/large sized city/warehouse mission.

Breaking and Entering

A Thief 2 FM - Released 10.7.2002

Deacon is not a bad man. He has just, should I say, unhealthy obsessions with the Old Gods. I guess that's why they kicked him out of the Hammerite Order. He's still a believer, but he has more... wide view of beliefs. At any rate, Deacon has this old gear from his hammerite days - now taken as the holy symbol by these new "mechanists" - it's made out of bronze and apparently has more than just sentimental value. Berkson knows a buyer and I have to make sure he's not going to be disappointed.

A very, very small mission for some random contest.

Hightowne Museum

A Thief 2 FM - Released 15.12.2001

I've been contacted by a man who introduced himself as Thlop Rump. He tells me that the Hightowne Baronial Museum is having a very interesting item as an exhibit - the Serpent's Eye gemstone. Obviously, he wants it for himself. No problem. Before leaving, this Rump character warned me that even though the night guarding of the museum is quite minimal, they have invested a few dimes into the security systems. Apparently there's an pressure plate system installed into the Secure Exhibition Vault - where the gem lies, no doubt. It shouldn't pose much of a problem, however. Besides, it's not like I have much of a choice - the rent is due, as always...

This map won some contest ages ago.

Geller's Pride

A Thief 1/Gold FM - Released 18.5.2001

It seems that certain Lord Geller has an intriguing amount of gold in his possesion, just ripe for taking. He's not natively from The City, but my contacts lack the information about his original homeland. For a foreigner, he's in a surprisingly wealthy position, and he's a careful one, too. He has stored most of his wealth into the First City Bank And Trust. So, instead of the usual burglary, I'm thinking of blackmailing. My contacts tell me that Geller isn't really as pure as the driving snow, but they don't know the details. My plan is quite simple: break into his mansion, search for anything useful for blackmailing and take some of his wealth in the process.

My first map, a modest mansion heist.